Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Don't forget Jerry Brown's record last time he was governor

We lived in California when Jerry Brown was governor before and it amazes me that California seems poised to put him back in office. Thomas Sowell reminds us of one Brown-induced fiasco for which the entire state suffered.
At one time, Governor Jerry Brown was riding high in the Democratic Party, and was considered a rising prospect for that party's nomination for President of the United States. Then something happened that told us all what kind of man he was.

There was an infestation of Mediterranean fruit flies out in California's agricultural heartland in the interior valleys. Despite being urged to allow spraying of insecticide out in the valleys, to nip the infestation in the bud, Governor Brown pandered to the environmental extremists and refused.

The net result was that the "Med flies," as they were called, spread from the valleys out into cities and towns as far west as the San Francisco Bay Area. Faced with a major political disaster, Jerry Brown finally authorized spraying-- over a vastly larger area than when he was first asked. That fiasco spared us a Jerry Brown administration in Washington.

No wonder his supporters have sprung an October surprise about Meg Whitman's housekeeper. They need a distraction from his record.
And then there was his choice for chief justice of the California supreme Court, Rose Bird, who over-ruled every single death penalty verdict that came her way because she was personally against capital punishment and figured that she could ignore the law and rule her personal preferences. Does California really want more of these sorts of appointments and policies? Do they want to continue the policies that have landed California in the budgetary nightmare where it is now? If they put this guy back in office, they deserve what they'll get.