Friday, October 01, 2010

Doesn't anyone in the Obama White House know any history?

Catch this bit of historical analysis from Rahm Emanuel's farewell address to Obama.
“I want to thank you for being the toughest leader any country could ask for in the toughest times any president has ever faced.”
Hello?! Hasn't he ever heard of the Civil War? Great Depression? World War II?

These guys are so impressed with themselves that they can't even fathom that any president ever accomplished more or faced more difficult challenges. And the President claims to be a Lincoln fan and Emanuel is supposed to be a citizen of Illinois - can't he remember the greatest son Illinois ever produced? He's just giving us a twofer: demonstrating his own egotism as well as his historical ignorance.

I'm sorry Abraham Lincoln's presidency retired the prize for tough times.


CDR J said...

Of course, strictly speaking, Lincoln wasn't born in Illinois. He was born in Kentucky. He moved to Indiana in 1816, and then to Illinois in 1830. (At least, that's what Wikipedia says.)

tfhr said...

Illinois was better off when Reagan was their most recent favorite son. At least the state won't have to bear the stigma of it's once great seal embossed upon an Obama birth certificate.

Kelly said...

I had that exact same thought when I heard that comment! That has to go down as one of most moronic things said by anyone in the Obama administration -- and there is some stiff competition for that honor.

Betsy, I just arrived at your blog by way of UNRR, and I'm really intrigued by the idea of a history teacher who is a conservative. Does my heart good to know there is someone with good sense influencing kids somewhere in this country. Although I'm old (40s), I'm graduating next spring with a history degree and have considered teaching.

bobdog said...

The Great Depression? I thought THIS was the Great Depression.

That stuff in the 1930's was just a Recession or something. That one ended with World War II.

This one ends on November 2. As Churchill said, it's not the end, or even the beginning of the end. It's the end of the beginning.