Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Democrats scramble to find enemies to demonize

John J. Pitney reminds us of all the attempts that the Obama administration has made to get the American people all riled up against one demon or another. They keep trying to excite anger against the Demon of the Day from Rush Limbaugh to Fox News from John Roberts to John Boehner. And then there's always George Bush. Obama reflexively falls back on that demon in practically every speech. Now it's the Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove. The WSJ also notes how the whole rhetoric of "hope and change" has turned into angry diatribes against the day's chosen demon.

You can read Factcheck.org's discussion of this "guilty until proven innocent" approach of the Democrats.

And when Obama tries to talk about hope and change, it just falls flat. After all, he's been in office for about 22 months and has had huge majorities in both houses of Congress. Michael Medved notes the silliness of President Obama's newest claims that young people need to support Democrats because, as Obama says, "Change happens because of you!" Medved wonders,

President Obama's plea to "keep believing that change is possible" might seem appropriate from an insurgent candidate or activist outsider long excluded from the corridors of power, but it sounds bizarre coming from the chief executive.

Obama can't credibly pose as protester rather than president.

But he keeps trying, nevertheless.
Obama then riffs on how long it took to free the slaves, get the vote for women, and pass rights for workers.
But in these past triumphs -- the abolition of slavery, the establishment of women's suffrage and the recognition of organizing rights for laborers -- the victims of injustice focused on very specific demands ultimately granted by the 13th Amendment, the 19th Amendment and the Wagner Labor Relations Act, respectively.

What legislative remedies could fulfill the present yearnings of those huddled, oppressed masses (at elite universities and elsewhere) who currently gather around campfires, singing freedom songs?

Will the approval of new stimulus spending, or legislation demanding more detailed disclosure of sponsorship on issues ads on TV, satisfy today's appetite for change? Would a gradual return to the unemployment rate of 7.8 percent that greeted Mr. Obama when he took over the White House satisfy the idealistic demand for progress?
The Democrats are thus reduced to muttering about possible crimes that may have been committed by the Chamber of Commerce but for which they have no proof. And, as Pitney writes, the guy who raised more money than ever before, much of it nondisclosed is not in the position to make these accusations with any true credibility.
In any case, the party of George Soros has no credibility on the issue. A few weeks ago, the president repeated his Roberts-court-has-opened-the-money-floodgates message at a $30,000-a-plate DNC fundraiser, demonstrating that he lacks self-awareness and a sense of irony.
They're just hoping that making the accusation will gin up their base. Recklessly swinging these accusations around won't get them votes from the independents that they need to turn out for them. All they have left is playing to the fever swamps of their base.