Monday, October 18, 2010

David Brooks acknowledges that Obama has been lying to us for a year

Ed Morrissey and Michelle Malkin call David Brooks out on his admission that Obama told him a year ago that there was no such thing as shovel-ready jobs.

Ignoring the question of whether a journalist should report on something the President said to him once it became clear that the President is saying something differently in public than he said in private, let's just look on what this tells us about Obama. It means that he has been pretending to us that his stimulus boondoggle was actually funding such shovel-ready projects. Morrissey quotes from Obama speeches proudly claiming that he was concerned to make sure that "shovel ready actually means shovel ready." Morrissey also links to the White House claims about shovel-ready projects that the stimulus has funded.

So the President is willing to admit in an off-the-record bull session with David Brooks that the projects that he has been claiming to have funded weren't really what he was telling us that they were. I guess we're just such rubes that we don't rate honesty from the President about the billions of our money that he is spending.