Friday, October 29, 2010

Cruising the Web

Charles Krauthammer is scathing on how Obama won't call the Iranian regime helping to kill our soldiers in Afghanistan an enemy, but he's happy to tell Latinos on Univision that they need to "punish our enemies." He is the president of the United States but he goes out there to tell one group of Americans that another group are their enemies. It's a long way from that speech at John Kerry's convention that first propelled Barack Obama to public notice.

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights writes in their draft report that high-level political officials in the Obama Justice Department were involved in dismissing the New Black Panther Party case and then tried to hide their involvement.

Meanwhile Sheila Jackson Lee wants the DOJ to monitor tea partiers who work the polls in her district.

Governor Pawlenty does some reverse FOIA jujitsu against the DNC.

Kimberley Strassel dispels some of the biggest myths about this election.

David Freddoso
has a list of "82 House Dems most likely to lose."

The GAO reports that we have spent over a billion dollars on giving aid and benefits to dead people. So a government that can't tell the difference between dead and living recipients should be in charge of medical care for the living?

The DNC and the National Democratic Club have been delinquent on their tax payments sixteen times in the past seven years.