Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cruising the Web

All that is left for the Democrats is that old stand-by - accusations of racism. Or if that doesn't work, just get smug and arrogant about those ignorant, Nazi-esque tea partiers.

No surprise here. The Aqua Buddha ad backfired on Jack Conway. Anyone with any political experience could have told him that.

Don't buy the Democrats' storyline of whining about how they're getting outspent by Republicans this year. Even if they were, money spent is not an indicator of success. Just ask thee GOP party operatives who outspent the Democrats in 2006.

Bragging about all the pork you brought back home is just not winning votes the way it used to. Good.

Smart governors will look to learn what Texas is doing right and what California and New York have done wrong. The latter states, plus New Jersey, are bleeding jobs. Texas is gaining jobs. Shouldn't states want to follow the model that is working?

Byron York listens to a Bill Clinton appearance. Clinton damns the President with faint praise. York wonders if Clinton truly wants the Democrats and Obama to win.

Joshua Greenman is exactly right when he raps Obama for his overexposure on pop culture venues like ESPN, Jon Stewart, or Mythbusters.