Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cruising the Web

John Fund profiles five districts where there could be upsets. In four of them there hasn't been any recent polling so a candidate, a democrat in four of them, could be in danger and it wouldn't be public knowledge.

This year there is a true gender gap - men are leaving the Democratic Party in droves.

Several committee chairmen are in danger this year. These Democrats have been in Congress for a long, long time and come from reliably liberal districts so the fact that any of them are having to sweat out their reelection tells us something about the mood of the electorate.

Once the election is over, we'll see several fun leadership battles. Will Pelosi lose her position as the leader of the House Democrats? Will Steny Hoyer be the next to lead the Democrats? If not, who will take their places? Who will be the Republican whip in the House? And who will lead the Senate Democrats if Reid loses his election? Lots of good political fun.

Hmmm. The State Department had NYT reporter Kate Zernike, who has written on the tea partiers and likes to imply that the tea party is a racist movement, in to brief the foreign press on the tea party movement. Can you imagine if Bush's State Department had had a Fox reporter in for a similar role?

It's so convenient - both heavy snowfall and lack of snow are signs of man-made warming.

The Democratic governor of Tennessee explains
how Obamacare gives incentives for employers to drop coverage.

There is something quite despicable about a president telling an audience of Latinos to turn out and "punish" your "enemies," meaning the Republicans.

Jimmy Carter is still delusional. He can't get over losing to Reagan so he's just making stuff up. I guess it helps him sleep at night.

Scalia took Kagan skeet shooting. That must have been fun.