Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cruising the Web

Jimmy Carter embracing Hamas. What could go wrong?

Rachel Maddow makes up stuff to accuse a Republican congressman of having advance notice of the Oklahoma City bombing. The fact that he received a fax after the bombing and immediately turned it over to the FBI is not worth noting. Any lie in a storm, I guess.

Keith Hennessey has some questions for the President on his acknowledgment that there is no such thing as a shovel-ready project. If the President now understands this, why is he pushing for federal funding of more such projects?

The Obama Justice Department is investigating whether tea party groups are intimidating voters. This is the same Justice Department that gave the Black Panthers a pass.

John Dingell, whose family has held that seat since 1933, thinks that the voter opposition he's facing now is worse than the opposition he faced in any other time in his life. The worst he's facing is constituents are shouting out questions and derisive comments. One actually pointed a finger at him. Perhaps that is just the problem with a congressman like that. He and his father had such security in their seats that they never had to really answer to their constituents.

Jeffrey Lord explores how much of Russ Feingold's career is dependent on spending from George Soros.

Who knew that the Clintons were simply Lookee Loo's.

Will Franklin has some amazing graphs to see how much Texas is responsible for private sector job growth.