Monday, October 18, 2010

Cruising the Web

Mark Hemingway explains how, in just a few weeks, the nightmare facts that have been hiding the dangerous reality in many unions' pension plans are going to be made public. Companies have made promises for those pensions that they can't fund through multiemployer pensions. This is scary stuff that could drive many companies into bankruptcy and leave workers without any pension at all. And if the GOP take over even one house of Congress, it's going to be hard to get the unions' desired bailout.

Jonathan Haidt has an interesting essay in the WSJ saying that what the tea party protesters really want is karma.

Steve Malanga explains why Governor Christie is right to not want to involve New Jersey any more in picking up the tab for the proposed tunnel to New York. The economic and environmental benefits promised aren't worth the costs. The WSJ chimes in to explain why cost overruns are an absolute certainty in such a project.

Barbara Novick explains
why a foreclosure moratorium would be a terrible idea.

Michael Steele has been largely absent
from the national scene recently. And that's a good thing.

The backlash from business
against the Democrats is growing. They're sick of being treated like a punching bag for Democratic politicians while those same politicians mouth platitudes about supporting small business.

Here are six races that might be headed for a recount.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown sends money to her lobbyist daughter's clients. How convenient. And this isn't the first time that she's come through for her daughter's clients.

And Lisa Murkowski is doing something similar - sending money to various companies that are then turning around and campaigning for her against Joe Miller.