Friday, October 15, 2010

Cruising the Web

If you haven't read Daniel Henninger's column on how capitalism saved the Chilean miners, go do so now.

Peggy Noonan puts to words why everyone watching was so moved by the rescue of the Chilean miners.

Then go read IBD's editorial contrasting Chilean president Sebastian Pinero's leadership in the crisis with President Obama's leadership in the BP oil spill. The contrast is telling.

If they take over the House, the Republicans plan to go after the creation of all the new White House czars. It's about time that we have it clarified where exactly the limitations are in our checks and balances system on the Executive branch taking action, creating offices, and writing regulations without any role for Congress.

Pat Caddell unloads on the President's tactics.

Oh, this is a cruel cut. Politico says that Barack Obama has become the John McCain of 2010.

This is too sublime. After a career in politics of bashing the rich, Barney Frank has to explain away taking rides on the plane of a billionaire who got $200 million in the federal bailout. And staying at the guy's mansion in the Virgin Islands. His defense: “They’re friends. Are you not supposed to have friends if they’re wealthy?” The Wall Street Journal weighs in describing the slipperiness of Frank's application for an ethics waiver to fly on the jet.

With that in mind, here's a chilling headline, "After mortgage meltdown, Barney Frank gets another chance to remake housing finance." It runs a shiver through you, doesn't it?

Only one single person in Jim Oberstar's district has contributed to his campaign? The guy has been in D.C. for close to 50 years and only one of his constituents is supporting him financially? That's telling.


Bachbone said...

I see two likely problems with the Republicans going after Obama's czars, Betsy. First, Upton (from MI), who allegedly would head the subcommittee, is not very conservative at all. His ACU. rating for 2009 was 72, but in 2008 it was just 44. Second, Democrats will no doubt scream that Bush appointed his own brand of czars. He didn't call them 'czars' and they didn't function nearly as autonomously as Obama's, but even if a lot of new conservatives are elected to the House, the old guard Republicans still there have proven themselves to be notoriously spineless and would no doubt compromise with Democrats on a plan to do nothing about Obama's czars in favor of one that would limit only future presidents' appointments.

Re: Obama = McCain - my father had a saying he used to exemplify how equally bad two people were: "Put 'em both in a brown paper bag, shake it up, turn it over and they'd both fall out at the same time." I had that vision in mind and held my nose when voting for president last time.

Politicians like Barney Frank are why even Democrats now favor (74%) Term Limits for Congress. Republicans favor them by 84% and Independents by 74%. (I believe I saw that in a Fox News poll last month.) A concerted effort toward that end should be started after this election.

tfhr said...


I favor TERM LIMITS 100%!