Monday, October 11, 2010

Cruising the Web

Buy a Nissan Leaf and both federal and state government as well as Nissan executives will be lining up to give you stuff.

Pat Sajak notes the typical liberal
approach to the electorate: "You're stupid (but please vote for me." The only time the electorate wasn't stupid was when they had the good sense to elect Obama and a Democratic Congress. The public's IQ seems to have declined since then.

Michael Barone observes how the Democrats' factless complaints about foreign money supposedly entering the campaign via the Chamber of Commerce's support for GOP candidates is just a massive exercise in hypocrisy. They didn't have any such worries during the 2008 race as the Obama campaign relaxed standard security measures to make sure contributions weren't coming from foreign nationals. Meanwhile the NYT sticks up for the Chamber and pooh poohs those allegations.

This is cool - 17th century art depicting its subjects wearing clothes made out of denim.

William Jacobson takes note of the silliest of race cards being played in Illinois. Mark Kirk is being accused with racism because he used the perfectly acceptable word "jigger" in talking about possible race fraud. Apparently, you can't even use words that rhyme with the N-word now and if you do it's a sign of latent racism. And the mere idea of suggesting that there might be vote fraud in some Illinois precincts shouldn't shock anyone. It's Illinois where vote fraud is a state pastime.

Democrats are whining about all the outside money out there helping the GOP this year. They seem to forget the $250 million that labor unions are spending to help the Democrats. I guess money spent to help them just doesn't count.

A guy writing in Slate Magazine who is making a living by buying up used books and then reselling them online is a bit ashamed that he's buying books that he has no intention of reading and that he's using nifty online data tools to figure out which books are being sold for less than the going price on Amazon marketplace. Why the shame? He's making a living by delivering to people goods that they want at a lower price than they can get elsewhere. That's capitalism, baby, and he should be proud of having found a niche market that he can make a living at while pleasing purchasers around the country. As a steady consumer of used books via Amazon, I am grateful for such services.