Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Cruising the Web

Here's a clip and save about ten tax increases in ObamaCare.

With all the Democratic concern about secret money going to Republicans, I wonder if they're worried about the hidden money that Soros and his pals are funneling into an effort to revamp how Florida does their redistricting. Hmmmm. I wonder if these good government types also supported efforts to change California's redistricting methods.

Old bull House chairmen are running scared. Heh.

Glenn Reynolds links
to this story that Illinois has to offer higher rates than Mexico in order to sell their bonds. Higher than Mexico! Unbelievable. And which party has been running that state into the ground?

Mark Gavreau Judge explains why the public despises journalists. It's for they don't write more than what they do write. Nyah. Some of us may despise them for both.

Let's not forget the other hateful things t
hat Rick Sanchez has said just because he said them about conservatives.

The Democrats' secret weapon - enticing the youth vote with pot legalization propositions.

Barney Frank is forced to be nice to constituents. It's tough for him. And so rare that people notice it when he's not being rudely arrogant.


Stan said...


Where can we get info on teacher union contributions to the parties?

Facts from around the web: 1) only 53% of students in the top 50 US cities graduate HS, 71% in the suburbs; 2) About one of 57 medical doctors and one of 97 lawyers loses his or her license annually for malpractice. In contrast, only one in 2,500 unionized, public school teachers with tenure gets fired each year;
3) Teacher pay has risen 10 times faster than inflation since 1970.

Question -- how have teacher union contributions to the Democrats changed since 1970?

Pat Patterson said...

Open Secrets goes back at least ten years and the FEC goes back at least to the 70's.