Monday, October 04, 2010

Cruising the Web

Heather MacDonald discusses the real reason why Chicago's youth-crime is skyrocketing. Of course, this isn't a subject that you can expect to hear mentioned in the debates for mayor there.

Jonah Goldberg shoots down
the concerns of some liberals that conservatives want to actually make sure that new legislation is, gasp, constitutional. It's the dumbest criticism I've heard about the GOP Pledge. People simply don't understand our nation's history or how the government is set up if they think it's goofy to pass only constitutional bills.

Robert Samuelson explores
myths about entrepreneurship. His conclusion - the government provides serious disincentives to start-up companies. And that is where job growth would come from. But government regulations are getting in the way.

The trend in college is to do away with final exams. They're too tough for the students to prepare for and for the professors to grade. So they're cutting things down to bite-sized regular quizzes and projects.

One politically-correct dad writing at Salon struggles with his own biases as he contemplates dressing his infant son in pink pants. There are some barriers that can't be crossed.

If Barbara Boxer is worried about outsourcing, perhaps she should consider the jobs that have been outsourced from California to other states.

Pelosi had to cast the deciding vote to get the House to adjourn without voting on the Bush tax cuts. Could it be her last vote as Speaker?

Before the young cast their vote for Democrats this fall, they should consider what liberal policies are costing their generation. They're the ones who will bear the costs for ObamaCare and unreformed entitlement programs.

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Stan said...


I've said before that slander is the essence of liberal communication. Thought you'd get a kick out of this one from Yglesias -- "Pretty much everyone would prefer an economy-wide carbon pricing scheme to an effort that puts EPA regulation in the lead. But the business community seems to be betting that they can get the White House to blink, and basically let corporate executives keep on poisoning the atmosphere secure in the knowledge that they’re pretty old already and probably won’t live to see the worst of it."