Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The state is in the toilet, but at least they're protecting New Zealand cows

Stu Woo in the WSJ reports on the California legislature's major accomplishments this year.
On the brink of insolvency, California may have to pay its bills with IOUs soon. A budget was due three months ago, and the legislature hasn't passed one.

The lawmakers can, however, point to a list of other achievements this year. Awaiting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature, for example, is a bill that would bar the state from filming cows in New Zealand. It's the fruit of five committee votes and eight legislative analyses.

California lawmakers also voted to form a lobster commission. They created "Motorcycle Awareness Month," not to mention a "Cuss Free Week."

And they kept the California state rock safe. Senate Bill 624 had sought to bust the rock, serpentine. Adamant opposition protected it, but sponsor Gloria Romero declared this "an issue we should address again."

Failure to pass a budget has reinforced the most populous state's image as also the most ungovernable. Mr. Schwarzenegger proposed his budget in January. Legislators have had all year to revise it and pass one more to their liking. It's the only state with a fiscal year that began July 1 that hasn't passed a budget.

California paid bills with IOUs for two months last year, and the state controller says he may resort to them again in the next weeks if lawmakers tarry. Legislative leaders say they hope to have a preliminary budget this week to deal with a shortfall currently projected at $19 billion. It still may take weeks of wrangling to wrap up final details.
Yet, come November Californians will leave the same politicians in charge in Sacramento and continue whistling past their fiscal graveyard while they slouch towards total insolvency.


tfhr said...

Pay the state "lawmakers" with their own IOUs.

Dave said...

I sold my house and moved away from California in 1996. I moved to Utah and every time I read stories like this I thank God we decided to leave.

Bachbone said...

Hasn't Govinator Ahnold already requested a bailout? Want to bet he gets it? Want to bet, also, that CA's bailout opens the floodgates for NY, MI and every other cursed bailout lame duck Democrats can ram through before 2011, and every form of chicanery Obama can finagle through with the help of RINOs before he's de-elected in 2012?

Locomotive Breath said...

They're also working hard to legalize pot. Not sure where they stand with that and whether it got through. We've got fiscal problems - lets make our state the nation's stoner magnet.

Some might argue that you could tax the stuff and balance the budget. Unfortunately, it's waaay to easy to grow yourself and avoid the tax.

However, if they legalized pot and then put a surtax on Doritos and Cheetos they be on their way to a budget surplus in no time.

Freeven said...

Unfortunately, as we learned with Ronald Reagan, raising more revenue doesn't balance the budget. California, like the nation, has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Government is insatiable, spending every penny it manages to take, and more. We've never been able to make progress on the spending side, and until we do, we're in for more of the same.

Pat Patterson said...

The legislature is also investigating, a group by the way that is a state created monopoly, whether non-speaking cows were discriminated in those ads.