Friday, September 10, 2010

Speaking truth to power

Gosh, I love this guy!

Chris Christie responds to another teacher complaining about spending cuts to education in New Jersey. He sets her right on the facts and explains to her that there just isn't the money any more that Democrats in New Jersey have spent for years to give cushy benefits to public employees while the rest of the workers in the state struggle to make ends meet.
By the way, how many of these townhall meetings does Christie hold? He seems to be doing one every few weeks. All governors should be doing that. It's the state equivalent of British question time. I'd be much more confident supporting a national candidate who had that experience of going to the voters and explaining himself to hostile questioners than some of these political leaders that we've had in recent elections who don't ever seem to have the facility to answer aggressive questions and can't explain themselves in the clear, comprehensive language that Christie uses. He might seem pugnacious to some, but I find his fact-based responses refreshing. Leaders don't need to pussy-foot around when they are right. And the teachers unions have demonstrated that they don't have the best interests of New Jersey at heart but are only interested in holding on to their privileges while the rest of the state can go hang. Finally, someone is taking them on and not knuckling under to their claims to represent the "children" or, as this woman does, the "middle class."

Link via Hot Air.


tfhr said...

2012 is too soon for this guy but if he can straighten out New Jersey, he'll have my vote if and whenever he decides to run for president.

equitus said...

He's just so right on. I'm naturally averse to elevating promising leaders too quickly. But it's tempting to want to put him up against Obama in 2012. The contrast is just so important.

ballyfager said...

You want to be careful with this guy. Remember, he IS a politician.

For example, he's in favor of the NYC mosque, he's for gun control, and he's on the wrong side of an ongoing casino/racetrack disagreement in Jersey.

Jobe said...

I've been a high school teacher for more than 40 years, and during that time, I have watched as the public school system has steadily decreased in effectiveness. We have dropped from excellence to indifference, to failure. Most of this decline can be attributed to sociological, cultural, and parental defects in our country, but there is much that the educational establishment, the politicians, and the unions have done to poison the previous excellence, and turn it into the swamp that it has become. Fads, experiments, fanciful programs, and other nonsense have worked their black magic on our system. The education that I provide today is a shadow of the one I got in the 1960's.