Saturday, September 11, 2010

Questions the media might ask of a true moderate Muslim

The media might like to claim that Imam Abdul Rauf is a moderate Muslim who just wants to build ties between the Muslim world and Americans. And when he threatens that Muslims throughout the world would riot and commit violence if his mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero is moved, he's not really using the threat of Muslim violence to pressure Americans to endorse his plan. I prefer the message of M. Zuhdi Jasser who has some pointed questions for Rauf.
must ask Imam Rauf: For what do you stand—what's best for Americans overall, or for what you think is best for Islam? What have you said and argued to Muslim-majority nations to address their need for reform? You have said that Islam does not need reform, despite the stoning of women in Muslim countries, death sentences for apostates, and oppression of reformist Muslims and non-Muslims.

You now lecture Americans that WTC mosque protests are "politically motivated" and "go against the American principle of church and state." Yet you ignore the wide global prevalence of far more dangerous theo-political groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and all of its violent and nonviolent offshoots.

In your book, "What's Right With Islam," you cite the Brotherhood's radical longtime spiritual leader Imam Yusuf Qaradawi as a "moderate." Reformist American Muslims are not afraid to name Mr. Qaradawi and his ilk as radical. We Muslims should first separate mosque and state before lecturing Americans about church and state.
I'm tired of being lectured about Islamophobia from a media that hesitates to mention a man's religion when he murdered American soldiers in the name of Allah at Fort Hood. And I certainly don't want to hear from Time Magazine that peddles anti-Semitic tales in its issue that came out the week of Rosh Hashanah about Israelis not wanting peace because they're so busy making money after it spent the previous issue saying that Americans are Islamophobic because they object to the building near Ground Zero. And the media might ask itself why it elevated the rantings of a truly obscure Florida minister's publicity-seeking stunt of threatening to burn Korans to such an extent that now more publicity-seekers are saying they're going to burn Korans just so they can get that same attention. This whole sorry story is totally a media creation. There are some stories that would simply fade away if we just ignored them and this is surely one of them. But the media made such a fuss about it that we had riots in Afghanistan and the President and General Petraeus had to speak up. The minister is an odious fool, but he could have remained in his well-deserved obscurity if the media had simply denied him his soapbox. But then that wouldn't have served the template of the preferred media storyline of an Islamophobic America instead of a sincere investigation of what someone like Rauf truly believes about Islamic violence and America.

UPDATE: Now the media is angry because they're realizing that Rev. Terry Jones has been using them. Like that's never happened before and as if they weren't willing and eager participants in their own manipulation. They've been played and they don't like having to wait around in the heat to realize it. Heh.


Rick Caird said...

If Imam Rauf were a man of peace, a moderate, and trying to build a bridge between religions, he would look at the 70%+ of Americans who oppose his mosque and ask himself where it might better be built. He does not. Rather, he attempts to blackmail us by pointing to Muslim violence and threatening more.

On the threatened burning of the Koran, I find it fascinating he media has turned this into a circus, but then tells us they will not cover the actual burning of the Koran since it would serve no purpose and only serve to fuel violence. This attitude can best be described as hypocritical dissonance.

equitus said...

Interesting how the practice of taqiyya is never ever mentioned. Is there any other faith on the planet that promotes such a thing?

tfhr said...


The Church of Gorebal Warming, has at it's core an outright lie. But hey, it's for a good cause.

I have to agree with your point and would like to contrast the current state of mind to when we were in the midst of the Cold War and it was understood that the Soviet Union engaged in disinformation campaigns and "maskirovka".

But somehow, with Jihadism, we've not allowed ourselves to accept that we are at war with an enemy that is equally adept at applying techniques we would have expected from others. Maybe we've allowed "multiculturalism" to blind us here because a central tenant of that brand of political correctness is the need to close your eyes to negative or dangerous behavior out of some misguided belief that moral relativism or cultural "diversity" comes without complications. Once again, our Constitutional guarantees can and will be used to do us harm because our elected leaders lack the political will to live up to their duties and responsibilities to defend us.

I think the basic starting point from which needed corrections can come is the simple acceptance that Islam is not just a religion but a foundation for law and for many, politics and the achievement of political ends through warfare, asymmetric or otherwise.

pumping-irony said...

Forget the media, they're useless. We're on our own.

mark said...

Yes, the whole issue is disgraceful, but no more or less so than the anti-mosque protests. Instead of a nutjob pastor, you had two conservative bloggers creating an issue and Rupert Murdoch plugging it for political and financial gain until it caught fire. (The mosque is not "at" ground zero and cannot be seen from ground zero. It is "near" ground zero, but I suppose that is not as dramatic or fear-inducing. There is already a mosque four blocks from ground zero. A multi-purpose room at the Pentagon is used for Muslim prayer services.) I would have thought this story would be eaten up by brain-dead morons who think think Obama is a Muslim born outside the U.S. That it has spread to mainstream conservatives is alarming.
Nope, for the most part, it's not Islamophobia. It's just jumping on the bandwagon for political reasons even if, long term,it will undermine our fight against terrorism. Not sure which is worse.

2421Rich said...

What kind of "bridge" is Rauf building with his insistance, his threats, and his hypocrisy? And why are our so-called leaders intent on giving radical Islam this victory in the face of overwhelming rejection of the Ground Zero site for a mosque by the American people? Why don't the Elite hear and heed the voice of the majority of America?

Pat Patterson said...

The jihadists justify lying both to the non-Muslim as well as their fellow Muslims but taqiyya refers to a believer being advised that on the threat of conversion, violence or death they can renounce Islam and not suffer any consequences. The pertinent surahs make no mention of justifying lying to anyone. But Early Christianity also told its believers to lie if clearly the consequences of not were fatal. The Jews of Spain during the Inquisition did so but some Jewish groups to this day have never forgiven them.

BTW, this challenging of Obama's birth records, while ridiculous, isn't exactly a oner. The Nation and Mother Jones pounded that drum for a while concerning the eligibility of John McCain both during his previous senate and later presidential campaigns.

equitus said...

mark, you either refuse to understand or are incapable. Based on your oft-vocalized hatred of anyone right of center and your persistent ignorance of the goals and motivations of America's enemies, I have to conclude your incapable of engaging in a reasonable debate on this issues.

But go ahead and vent. It's interesting to see such reactions.

equitus said...

Thanks for the clarification, Pat.