Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hmmm, what word is missing from this story?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer details the salacious and disturbing allegations against the Cuyahoga County Commissioner, Jimmy Dimora.
Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora is a man who bartered political favors for sex -- a lot of sex, a federal indictment says.

While previous indictments in the Cuyahoga County corruption probe focused principally on exchanges of money or gifts for political favors, Wednesday's indictment portrays Dimora as a man who exchanged his influence for sexual favors like businessmen exchange lunch checks.

The document is laced with salacious descriptions of sex with prostitutes as bribes, sex with a woman seeking a job and recorded banter between Dimora and people close to him about secret rendezvous, sexual acts and social diseases.

The women that fed his sexual appetite are described as "broads" and "whores." And each time sex was mentioned in the bribery schemes, Dimora didn't refuse.
Charming. But what word is missing? Hmmm, could it be any mention of this sleaze's political party?

You wouldn't guess from this story that Jimmy Dimora, besides being an accused felon, is also the former Democratic Party chairman in Cleveland and this is part of an apparent crime wave among Cleveland Democratic officials.
The new defendants include Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judges Steven Terry and Bridget McCafferty, along with a labor union business manager, a contractor and three employees of the troubled Cuyahoga County auditor's office.

McCafferty, a Democrat running for re-election, was charged with lying to FBI investigators when she denied that Dimora tried to intervene in cases in her court. Investigators say she also lied when she said that county Auditor Frank Russo — a Dimora ally who was charged in the investigation last week and resigned — had never approached her about cases....

The indictment against Dimora also charges plumbers union Local 55 business manager Robert Rybak, 53, of Independence, and contractor William Neiheiser, 62, of Gates Mills, with bribery....

Since the investigation of the Democrat-controlled county government began two years ago, more than 30 people have been charged — including Russo's son, Vincent, who pleaded not guilty in July to bribery and conspiracy.

Investigators say the younger Russo conspired to trade television sets for consulting contracts. Other people charged include a former mayor of a Cleveland suburb, county employees, contractors and former school board members.


Bachbone said...

A number of Democrats here in Michigan are not identifying themselves as "Democrats" in their ads, and their candidate for governor, who is behind by 20-some points in polls, resorted to invading his opponent's townhall meeting for publicity.

David said...

I think the word you are looking for is "FatCat". But all FatCats shouldn't be judged by the actions of a few.

Rick Caird said...

"Name that Party" would not be such a joke if it were not so true. The real question is why does the MSM think they are fooling anyone and why would they even try to fool people.

Pat Patterson said...

Something else is missing. Held in jail until able to raise bail.

bob said...

Part of the reason the word your looking for is missing is that in Cuyahoga County there is really only one party. You have to go back to when Voinovich was mayor in Cleveland to find any real Republican presence. By the way this is when Cleveland was functioning at it's best in recent memory. Invariably the worst run cities in America are run by Democrats yet they keep winning elections .