Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cruising the Web

Ben Smith thinks that this is an ad to strike fear into Democratic hearts.

Veronique de Rugy has an ominous chart
displaying the disparity between federal and private pay that started at the beginning of the decade.

Heh, heh. Senate Democrats are trying to screw the House Democrats out of donations by telling donors that the House is gone so they better concentrate their donations on the Senate. That should make caucus meetings fun.

Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson says
that she didn't break any rules by funneling at least 23 scholarships from the Congressional Black Caucus to her relatives and children of a top aide. Yeah, if nepotism isn't against the rules for the CBC then what does that tell us about the Congressional Black Caucus?

No surprise here. Kathleen Sebelius and the President have been peddling lies about North Carolina's health insurance.

Steve Moore dissects the President's claims about the deficits and debt leftover from the Bush administration that he was facing when he came into office.

Nancy Pelosi's negative ratings
are just as bad as those of BP.

Well, this oughta fix things. Michael Dukakis dropped by the White House to give his electoral advice. His message: blame Bush more.