Monday, September 27, 2010

Cruising the Web

Jennifer Rubin wonders if Christiane Amanpour is on the White House payroll? She might as well be. Oh, and carrying the Palestinian water for them while she's at. She's a multi-talented woman, that Christiane.

Humberto Fontova thinks that, as long as Stephen Colbert is all the rage, that we should examine more closely one of Colbert's frequent guests.

The Jewish part of the blogosphere is abuzz about the news that George Soros is behind the funding for J Street, the Jewish American lobby that, while claiming to be pro-Israel, always seems to take a decidedly anti-Israel stand. This is despite, as Michael Goldfarb documents their public claims that they were not being funded by Soros. Hmmm, what is it about opposing efforts by Israel to defend itself while favoring the Palestinians on every issue that appeals to George Soros? And the bulk of the J Street's budget also comes from one woman in Hong Kong. So much for the group's claim to represent what real Jewish Americans believe.

Who knew that the guy behind "The Most Interesting Man in the World" is a Jewish actor living on a sailboat in Marina Del Rey and who has saved the lives of two people?

Sounds like good sense - the GOP and Democrats are using incentives to lure states into following a more rational calendar for the primaries.

The secret of getting boy to read more shouldn't be tempting them with fart and booger jokes. Writers like J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan of the Percy Jackson books seem to have found a way to get both boys and girls to read. Thomas Spence has some other thoughts on why boys aren't reading. And it doesn't have to do with the dearth of gross-out books.

Chris Cillizza says that Jimmy Carter's lack of grace as he promotes his newest book earned him the "Worst Week in Washington." Hey, lack of grace is Carter's modus operandi.

John Kerry blames
the Democrats' woes on the public's ignorance. We're all just too dumb to realize how wonderfully he and his party are running things. And this guy wonders why people find him arrogant.