Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cruising the Web

Poor Democrats - no one seems to be happy with them. Independents are moving away from them and liberals don't seem to like them either.

John Hawkins lists seven things that the establishment gets wrong about the tea party movement. My favorite is his first: "The Tea Partiers have a radical agenda." It's a pretty miserable pass that we've come to in this country when wanting to control spending and the size of the federal government while adhering to the Constitution is considered a radical agenda.

Politico reviews
all the sore losers that Republicans have encountered this election season. When you start adding them all up, it's quite impressive to see all these people who seem to think that they are entitled to permanent jobs in Washington and that the voters are just being deluded if these sore losers lose elections.

Ed Morrissey points to a really shocking story about how Alex Sink, the Democratic candidate for governor got around state requirements on how to invest state funds and lost hundreds of millions of dollars on risky investments. And Charlie Crist and Bill McCollum share the blame.

Former Justice Department employee J. Christian Adams reports on what Judicial Watch has found out through their FOIA lawsuit against the Justice Department regarding the New Black Panther case and the Justice Department's dismissal of the case. It turns out that several high-ranking political appointees lied under oath about their involvement in the case. Are Democrats going to try to sweep under the rug members of their party in the Justice Department lying under oath?