Monday, September 20, 2010

Cruising the Web

The White House is contemplating a strategy of trying to attack the GOP by tying Republicans to the tea party movement. Yeah, that's a way to win independent voters - attack ordinary Americans showing up at rallies to protest spending in government. Maybe they can make it a trifecta by throwing in some comments about how they're probably clinging to both guns and religion.

Meanwhile, more House Democrats want to separate themselves from Nancy Pelosi. Sorry guys. It's too late to make that claim now. Your party put her in office and supported her agenda.

In light of Jimmy Carter's claim that Ted Kennedy deliberately blocked comprehensive health care in the 1970s, Daniel J. Flynn reminds us of all the times that Ted Kennedy's personal pique led him to sabotage his own party.

Jennifer Rubin contrasts the response of Liberal and conservative pundits in defeat. Guess which one turns their ire on the voters and calls Americans irrational, crazy, and racist? Yup, it's the same party that is thinking of running against tea partiers.

Byron York reminds
us of Chris Coons' tax-raising history.

Michael Barone detects a civil war in the Democratic Party between gentry elites and the public employee unions. And the gentry is going down.

Here's more evidence
of what a stupid policy "cash for clunkers" was.

Next time you hear Harry Reid complain about Republican obstructionism, you might want to check out the facts.

How university faculty members are happy
to bash Israel, but not so interested in condemning honor killing, wife beating, genital mutilation, and violence against gays and lesbians.