Friday, September 17, 2010

Cruising the Web

Peggy Noonan has a good column today explaining why the tea partiers are upset. She uses the metaphor of a yard stick and explains how negotiations between Republicans and Democrats is not ending up at the mid point at 18 inches, but a lot closer to the liberal end with the Republicans claiming success because they stopped the Democrats from pulling the center all the way to their end.

Kimberley Strassel explains how the Democrats have backed themselves into a corner on extending the Bush tax cuts. They're in a lose-lose-lose position. Oh, darn.

The White House goal
has been to reduce inequality. They don't want some people to make "too much money" and they want to address the "maldistribution of income in America." What they don't realize is that the best way to address inequality is to promote economic growth. Remember that whole Kennedy line about a rising tide lifting all boats? The Democrats no longer seem to believe that.

Tom Blumer notes statistics
about how less than half of the nation's teenagers get jobs. I've noticed how few of my students get summer jobs. Many look for them, but can't fine one these days. But others are exploring other educational or volunteer opportunities during the summer. There are many exciting and interesting programs out there. Some families feel that their children need these sorts of experience in order to get into exclusive colleges. But whatever the reason, is it really a good thing that students go into college without any work experience at all?

Democratic candidates are spending three times as much money running ads criticizing ObamaCare as they are trumpeting their support for the bill. Remember how we were all supposed to love the bill once it was passed?

Ethics trials for Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters may get kicked down the road until after the elections. And that is when the knuckle-rapping will be meted out while both stick around the House as poster-children for Pelosi's undrained swamp.

David Corn sounds positively forlorn that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are keeping a low profile instead of popping up to become useful for the Democrats attack-Bush tactics.

Patterico links to a story about how audits of the stimulus spending in Los Angeles spent an average of $2 million per job created.