Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cruising the Web

Steve Malanga believes he detects a trend across the nation of anti-union feeling, particularly anti-public employee unions. Even some of their own members supported Chris Christie. The public is waking up to what these unions have wrought and doesn't seem pleased. May it be so.

Michelle Malkin reminds us of all the Democratic thuggery to silence criticism of ObamaCare. They want to use the full force of the federal government to stifle anyone in the health care industry to raises questions about the effects of their plan.

Wow, the famed civil rights photographer, Ernest Withers, was actually an FBI informant reporting to the FBI details about Martin Luther King's movements and meetings with black militants. Withers was famed for his photographs of a segregated South as well as the photographs he took right after King's murder.

Here's more evidence of Congress's dysfunction. Senator Dodd clearly didn't know what was in his own bill.

Powerline has a post up by author James Robbins summarizing his new book, This Time We Win: Revisiting the Tet Offensive. He presents evidence that just about everything that is the conventional thinking about the Tet Offensive is false. It sounds fascinating. Journalism might be the first draft of history, but it can also be completely wrong.

Jay Nordlinger raises an interesting question. He mentions that the long-held belief is that individual teachers are wonderful; it's just the union leaders who are despicable. Well, Nordlinger wonders why the teachers don't elect better leadership. I've certainly known very dedicated leaders in my 20 years as a teacher. Many teachers join the unions simply to get the protection against lawsuits. That is why I joined our local in my early years in the public schools. And then I never paid attention to who was running for the leadership after that. Eventually, I left after a more stripped-down union emerged in North Carolina that stayed away from the politicking and simply gave us that insurance protection. And now, at a charter school, I wouldn't think of a joining a union. But Nordlinger's question is an interesting one.
It seems to me that if schoolteachers wanted better union leadership, they would have it. If the union leadership isn’t representing schoolteachers — let those teachers say so. But do they?