Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cruising the Web

Hmmm - going to an Ivy League college might not be as much of a plus for seeking a job as one might have thought.

Instead of talking about supposed American racism or Islamaphobia - how about a finding from a poll of Spaniards that find that one-third of them hold anti-Semitic negative opinions about Jews?

It's a disturbing trend, but it's not difficult to connect the dots about how the Obama administration is really trying to limit the flow of critical opinions. I guess that Kathleen Sebelius isn't much an anomaly for the Obamanians.

Blessed words: "Dems plan for a future without Pelosi." They don't want to talk publicly about it - but will she survive in leadership if this Fall's election is a blowout? And who will step into her place?

Jonah Goldberg wrote a provocative post at the Washington Post positing that the hostile atmosphere that conservatives encounter in academia toughens then up intellectually compared to liberal students who simply hear their ideological propensities validated in all their classes. You may disagree - I suspect that this is argument by anecdote rather than true trends - but what is eye-opening is the ugliness in the comments. Clearly, these are not readers whose debating skills were toughened up in school.

Leon H. Wolf writes the most devastating book review I've ever read of Meghan McCain's Dirty, Sexy Politics. Double and triple ouch!

Be still my heart! Politico has a headline, "Daniels makes White House moves" and I got all excited that perhaps one of my favorite Republicans, Mitch Daniels is going to throw his hat into the ring for 2012. It seems that he has been holding a series of meetings with top Republican "business leaders, policy hands and donors." He's still not making any commitment but those coming away from the meetings are impressed with his grasp of and approach to policy. They just don't know if he has the passion to make the run.

Forget about his boast of being a solely positive campaigner who is above negative campaigning. Russ Feingold is now in a tough, close race and so he's turned negative running misleading and dishonest ads about his opponent, businessman, Ron Johnson.

This is just too funny. Congressman Bob Etheridge who made national news when he manhandled a young man on the street asking him questions about whether he supports the Obama agenda on the street is now holding supposed public meetings with his constituents. He held an unadvertised meeting in a small room at a library, but left the event an hour early because his wife called and said that cows had gotten out at home. A man who spends a lot of time in Washington is, apparently, the only person who can take care of his cows.

Here's a list
from pundits and political activists of the best books about American conservatism. Sadly, I've only read three of them: De Toqueville, The Federalist, and Atlas Shrugged. See how many you've read or want to read.

First Obama put labor lawyer Craig Becker on the National Labor Relation Board. Now, as the WSJ reports, Becker is trying to use the NLRB to impose card check without having to go through Congress. More Obama thuggery.