Friday, September 10, 2010

Cruising the Web

Meg Whitman is running a pretty devastating ad against Jerry Brown using Bill Clinton's words from a 1992 primary debate. It's a nice zing for those Californians who don't remember the ol' Jerry Brown from several decades ago.

Republican leaders are trying to downplay talk of a landslide. That makes sense, but it's a hard counterspin to pull off with all the polls that have come out recently.

Jay Cost thinks that the Obama political team has concluded that their only hope is to rally their base to come out. He then goes on to note that rallying the base alone, won't help the Democrats keep the House.

Dinesh D'Souza has a very intriguing essay in Forbes trying to figure out what makes Obama tick. Reading Obama's autobiography, Dreams From My Father, D'Souza looks at what Obama said himself about being inspired by his father and then examines what his father believed. The answer that explains both Obama's approach to domestic and foreign policy is that Obama ascribes to his father's belief in anticolonialism. Read the whole thing.

Victor Davis Hanson senses that the days of Obama worship are finally over. And so the intelligentsia who still support Obama can only pivot to thinking that the voters are "spoiled brats." Yup, those same voters who showed their maturity by voting for Obama in 2008, have now suddenly regressed in their maturity.

J. Christian Adams reports on how the Holder Justice Department is not enforcing the parts of the Motor Voter Act that they don't like - the integrity parts that require the Justice Department to investigate and clean voter rolls.

Democrats in tough races
want to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone. Unlike, Obama, they have to worry about more than rallying the base. They have to win votes from independents.
Noemie Emery asks: "If this is success, what is failure?"

The U.S. is sinking in rankings of nations' competitiveness.

Charles Krauthammer analyzes why the current Middle East talks will fail. The Palestinians would have to recognize Israel and they just won't do that. So there is nothing left to negotiate and Abbas will use the issue of the refusal of the Israelis to maintain their freeze on settlements to walk out and scuttle the talks.

Get ready for it - unions are set to push for more of their agenda after the election. They're hoping for more federal spending that will provide jobs for union workers.

Barack Obama is practicing "Scattershot Stimulus," in place of the "timely, targeted, and temporary stimulus that his administration pretended that they agreed in.

How cozy - Barbara Boxer paid money to get an endorsement from Maxine Waters both this year and in 2004. It's not illegal, but it is sleazy.