Monday, September 06, 2010

Cruising the Web

Pat Sajak determines the qualities of "The Most Insufferable Man in the World." The comments are fun, too.

Jeff Jacoby dissects the ridiculousness
of the "Cash for Clunkers" folly.

Amity Shlaes has a mini-tutorial
on how public unions got the power to organize and the laws that protect the benefits they win from politicians who then reap their reward in political support from the unions.

Harry Reid must think Nevadans are exceptionally stupid as he tries to explain away his "war is lost" statement about Iraq. In his post-modern exculpation, he was merely helping General Petraeus out. In fact, Petraeus couldn't have achieved success without ol' Harry. Yeah, right.

Hmmm. "Triage" is never the word you'd like to be using to describe your party's political efforts two months out from the election.

It's. Good. To. Be. William. Shatner. It sounds as if he's having the last laugh on all the critics who have mocked him and comics who have imitated him over the years. I enjoy that he can mock the need to get the "nuance" right on a Priceline ad.

Does the Obama administration really worry about gender when picking a chief economic adviser? Apparently, that was what they did when picking Christine Romer. Geeesh! Talk about not being serious about the economy.

Politico looks at a top ten list
of contrafactuals in politics over the past year. Always fun, although purposelessness.