Friday, September 03, 2010

Cruising the Web

Timothy Carney contrasts how the liberal media portrays the supposedly evil Koch brothers versus the nobility that they ascribe to George Soros. They're so in the tank that they don't even recognize how soaking wet they are. [Full disclosure: both my daughters had Koch-funded internships when they were in college.]

Oregon Democrat, Ron Wyden is working hard to get waivers for the state of Oregon from the very ObamaCare provisions that he voted for.

Blessings for those like myself who are obsessed with election news - Jay Cost is now writing regularly for the Weekly Standard. In yesterday's post he analyzes the 10-point lead in Gallup's generic ballot.

Paul Mirengoff notes an outright lie from Barbara Boxer. Why should anyone be surprised that she wants to walk back her excessively mean-spirited exchange with Condoleeza Rice?

More bad news for the UN's supposed consensus
on climate change.

A self-identified leftist advises liberals on five things that conservatives is doing right. The first one would be an important corrective to liberals - go out an talk to "regular people."

Pat Caddell is increasingly pessimistic about how his fellow Democrats are doing in this year's election.

Kevin Hassett and Allan Viard refute the liberal talking points
on why small business would not be hurt by raising the tax rates on those making over $200,000.

The FTC has discovered the height of iniquity - Chuck E. Cheese actually markets their restaurants to children. Who would have guessed that? And who would have thought that that was wrong?