Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cruising the Web

Amity Shlaes pays tribute to federalism as she looks at how New Hampshire and Connecticut's governors are tweaking their respective neighbors, Massachusetts and New York, on taxes. Competitiveness among states can be one of the strengths of our system.

John Stossel explains how the Americans with Disabilities Act has not exactly achieved its goals. In fact, in some aspects, the result has been the opposite of its intentions.

Now that we all know that the best job to have is one in the federal government, you can find out which are the best agencies to work for.

Michael Barone theorizes that Americans are simply down on what he calls Big Units: big business, big government, and big labor.

Rob Long says that liberals are in the anger phase of the five stages of grief. Ed Driscoll expands this by looking at how many liberals just don't seem to like Americans. But then Chris Matthews and Joan Walsh see Barack Obama as the American dream, "almost pluperfect," whatever that is, and are still saying that the only reason conservatives don't like him must be his race. They just don't get it.