Thursday, September 23, 2010

The beliefs behind the tea party movement

Dan Henninger is right on target when he enunciates what the tea party stands for. They're trying to tell the elites in Washington, those in both parties, that it is time to reduce the size of government. We're on an unsustainable trajectory and it has to stop.
They are winning because they stand for one thing—the tea party. What prescient Democrats like Mr. Rendell now see is that the tea party isn't "crazy," as originally thought. And it isn't even a party but something more potent. It's a new political belief system.

The political status quo, whatever good it did at times over the past 50 years, has arrived at a dead zone. The status quo—a vast, aging network of appropriators, Beltway enablers, bloodless public unions and private-sector pilot fish—budgeted the federal government, California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and other states to the brink of effective bankruptcy.

The Obama administration is the dismaying, logical end-point of decades of public spending, a Gargantua that now threatens to smother everything else in the American economy. Velma Hart's confronting Barack Obama at that town-hall meeting Monday about the stalled economy—"I'm waiting, sir, I'm waiting"—may have been the central moment in what is happening now. It was the parable of the Emperor's New Clothes: He isn't wearing anything at all!

The torpid political world, the ancien regime, has put the nation at long-term risk. It is killing America's ability to revive from this punishing recession and compete with fast-running nations like China, India, Brazil and South Korea.

What the tea party and independent voters sympathetic to it are about is giving the United States the tools to compete again in the big global game. It starts with Stop-the-Spending. To the Democrats now demonizing the tea party and its candidates, those three words mean Armageddon, the end of their game.
The more that establishment politicians attempt to vilify the tea partiers, the more they betray their own cluelessness. We can't become an entire country of California, much as the liberals would love that. California is sinking of its own weight. It can't recover without a major change. We can't become Michigan or New York. That is the path they've put the entire country on and millions are rising up and crying out Enough! Call them wackos, but the thought that we can continue on the disastrous path they've been trodding is the truly wacky notion.