Monday, August 09, 2010

The victim cards are maxed out

Even the Daily Show is a mite bit tired of the race card and all the other victim cards being played by politicians and grievance mongers across the fruited plain.
Race Card Is Maxed Out
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Just perfect. Wouldn't it be loverly if the race card is truly maxed out?


LarryD said...

Indeed. Here's hoping the entire victimology thing burns out, and soon.

Once people realize we've just been enabling bad behavior, we can cure ourselves of that (I don't say it will be easy), and the self-destructive behavior can be discouraged.

Bachbone said...

LarryD, I'll second that motion. I'm afraid, though, that the race hustlers (e.g., Jackson, Sharpton) have made deep inroads. Even "respectible" people, such as Condi Rice, have at times made statements seeming to condone some aspects of affirmative action, and Bill Cosby was practicaly crucified for saying black youth ought to take responsibility for their actions. Where are the young, conservative, black males to take up for Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, J. C. Watts and Clarence Thomas, for example? I see excellent, brave, conservative, black females on Fox News shows. Maybe I've missed their male counterparts. Bleeding Heart leftists will be with us forever. It will take black conservatives to talk sense to black voters.