Friday, August 13, 2010

Time to stop ignoring Hugo Chavez's support of terrorism

The Washington Post is very strong today in trying to keep the focus on how Hugo Chavez supports terrorism.
ONE OF the principal goals of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's foreign policy is preventing governments or international organizations from telling the truth about him. Over the past couple of years, captured documents and other evidence have established beyond any reasonable doubt that Mr. Chávez's regime has provided haven and material support to the FARC movement in neighboring Colombia -- a group that is known for massacres of civilians, hostage taking and drug trafficking, and that has been designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department and the European Union. That places Mr. Chávez in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions and, at least in theory, exposes him to U.S. and international sanctions.

Luckily for Mr. Chávez, the Obama administration and other Security Council members have shown little interest in recognizing what, in terms of state sponsorship of terrorism, amounts to a smoking gun. But discussion and debate about the evidence -- such as Colombia's recent presentation to a meeting of the Organization of American States -- makes this ostrich act difficult to continue. So Mr. Chávez has dedicated himself to bullying and intimidating those who dare to speak publicly about what everyone in the Western Hemisphere knows to be true.
We'll see how long the OAS and the United States keeps on chugging along while ignoring the conclusive evidence of Chavez's state sponsorship of terrorism. Obama's ambassador to Venezuela has spoken up about his concerns about Venezuela's support of terrorism and cooperation with Cuba and Chavez said that our ambassador would not be allowed to take his post in Caracas. The ball is now in Obama's court.