Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maybe even more outrageous than the pensions the Bell city leaders gave themselves

KTLA News reports this amazing story about public pensions from Los Angeles.
The man accused of being the notorious " Grim Sleeper" serial killer has reportedly collected $300,000 in pension payments, and will continue to collect them until he dies.

City documents obtained by L.A. Weekly show that Lonnie Franklin Jr., 57, has been collecting monthly disability pension checks from the L.A. pension system for 19 years after being injured while working as a garbage collector.

The first checks, in 1991, were a little less than $900; they are now $1,658.54 per month, according to documents obtained by the Weekly, which reported that his running total so far is $300,000. If he lives to age 82, that amount would reach $1 million.

The Office of the City Attorney told the Weekly that Franklin cannot be cut off, even if he's convicted and sent to death row. He or his family will be paid until he dies.
I guess there is no mass-murderer exception to public pensions. Too bad.

Link via Washington Examiner


QDman said...

I'd say there's an argument to be made that if he's healthy enough to kill people, he shouldn't be receiving disability.

MarkD said...

I'd argue that a pension is something you earned while you were working. This sticks in the craw, but there should be no ex-post-facto laws.

He'll die in prison, and the state will get its shot at his estate. His family murdered no one, and I'm guessing would end up on public assistance without the money.

Sometimes we get bad outcomes with good principles. That doesn't mean we abandon them.