Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Dirty Waters that emerge when we start draining the swamp

Daniel Wood of the Christian Science Monitor looks at the mixed opinions of Maxine Waters. Some people just love her and have deep respect for her rise to power from her origins as a garment worker. But just because someone rose to a job as a leading member of the House of Representatives doesn't mean that she's an admirable human being. And she's been a sleaze for a long time.
In 2005, 2006, and 2009, Washington's Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics named Waters one of the 15 most corrupt members of Congress. Citizens Against Government Waste named her "Porker of the Month" in 2009 for directing an earmark to the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center. And a 2004 investigation by the Los Angeles Times revealed that some in Waters's family had made more than $1 million from 1996 to 2004 by, among other things, doing business with businesses that Waters had helped politically.

Waters is being investigated for her role in arranging meetings in 2009 between US Treasury officials and representatives of minority-owned banks, including one in which her husband, Sidney Williams, owns stock. The Office of Congressional Ethics issued an 80-page report Monday showing its bipartisan board had voted unanimously that Waters might have violated US House rules concerning conflicts of interest.
When family members are making millions from a congresswoman's votes, something very stinky is going on.

She's going to fight the present ethics charge with every claim of phony racism that she's used for years. Bring it on.

Any day when Maxine Waters' face and record of corruption is in the news is a good day for the Republicans. I hope her trial lasts a good long time. People will pay attention and already have very low opinion of Congress. Let's shine a cleansing light on the dirty corruption behind the sorts of actions Waters has been doing for years. Let her fall be a pointed lesson for all 535 members of Congress.

Now that's a good way to drain the swamp.


ic said...

C'mon, a couple of years ago, an Illinois junior senator earmarked at least a million to his wife's employer. His wife's salary was raised almost three folds overnight. How about that? Why wasn't there an ethics violation?

How about 20 billions of US taxpayers' money to Petrobra to help the Brazilian super oil to find oil after sugar daddy Soros bought a big chunk of their stocks?

The swamp is getting exceptionally swampy with our "Stimulus" money.

equitus said...

"I don't care what the law is!"

-M. Waters, Jan 2001

tfhr said...

"This Liberal will be all about socializing...uh, umm,...would be about...basically taking over...and the government running all of your companies."

~ Mad Maxine Waters, May 2008

Rick Caird said...

I wonder if this kind of corruption is why Waters voted against any control of Freddie and Fannie. It probably means that the loose standards for acquiring mortgages Fannie and Freddie showed, was responsible for significant profits at minority owned banks and particularly the one associated with her husband.