Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dem taking Pelosi-bashing a bit too far

Well, not only do some Democrats want to do everything possible to separate themselves from Pelosi, one is even willing to joke about Pelosi dying. Greg Sargent has the quote.
Blue Dog Dem Bobby Bright of Alabama has raised this to a new level, joking to constitutents that Pelosi might "get sick and die" before he has to support her again for Speaker, a local reporter tells me.

The Montgomery Advertiser reports that Bright, who is under fire for supporting Pelosi for Speaker in the past, joked to some voters that Pelosi might fall ill and pass away. The Advertiser only paraphrased Bright's remarks.

So I called the reporter, Cosby Woodruff, and he gave me Bright's actual quote.

"He had been asked a question from the audience about his support for Pelosi," Woodruff told me. "He said, `Let's wait until that comes up. He listed a long list of reasons why Pelosi might not run for Speaker of the House."

"The last one was, `heck, she might even get sick and die,'" Woodruff told me.
Classy, classy.

Imagine if a Republican had been joking about any Democrat's death. His constituents might decide they want a real Republican who is not a jerk.