Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cruising the Web

Christiane Amanpour's performance on This Week isn't getting any better.

Plaintiffs attorneys are worried that they're going to lose out on the BP compensation funds. What a shame.

Three million seniors may need
to switch their Medicare plans whether they want to or not. Yup, another Obama pledge broken.

Maxine Waters has been selling her endorsements for other Democratic candidates. Quite a cute way to get around fundraising laws.

The chief of Intel, Paul Otellini, warns that U.S. tax and regulatory policies are driving more jobs overseas.

If you thought that wind power could be the energy of the future for our country, think again. Robert Bryce explains why.

What a surprise, Obama's recess appointment to the NLRB, Craig Becker, is breaking the ethical rules about the need to recuse himself from cases involving his former employer, the SEIU. We see how flimsy Obama's promises to make sure that his administration was not dominated by special interests were. In the Democrats' dictionary, unions are not special interests.

Powerline has the inside look at how the Tea Party Express worked assiduously at Get Out the Vote efforts and advertising to help Joe Miller shock the political world in Alaska. It turns out that it was good ol' political organizing that worked for them.

Jay Cost explains why it would be short-sighted of the Democrats to get rid of the filibuster rules. They'll need them. Maybe sooner rather than later.