Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cruising the Web

John Hinderaker takes a look at the report that the Obama administration has submitted to the United Nations' Human Rights Council to evaluate the state of human rights in the United States. Apparently, adopting liberal social and economic policies to promote equality of outcomes is equivalent to protecting human rights.

Britain's rationing body on health care has ruled that those suffering from bowel cancer cannot have access to the drug Avastin which has shown success for those in advanced stages of the disease but is deeply expensive. Get ready for these sorts of decisions to emerge one day from ObamaCare. And, at some point, companies will stop investing in this sort of research.

Thomas Sowell takes
the opportunity of the publication of Sally Pipes' new book, "The Truth About ObamaCare," to explain some of the myths about American health care.

Richard Lowry writes that Obama is still a cipher to many Americans because he has adopted so many different persona in his short political life.

James Downie of The New Republic
has a fascinating timeline of the various statements that Obama has taken in his political career when questioned about gay marriage. Richard Just draws the comparison to Woodrow Wilson's weaseling when questioned on women's suffrage.

David Paul Kuhn peels away the hyperbole
to ponder the idea that perhaps Obama really isn't a great communicator. Maybe he's not the LeBron of politics that he imagines himself to be.

Carol Platt Liebau thinks that the left might be doing better in selling its positions if it didn't regularly reveal its "corrosive contempt" for the American people.

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Bachbone said...

"..adopting liberal social and economic policies to promote equality of outcomes is equivalent to protecting human rights. The Left has been trying to "eliminate poverty" this way as long as I've been living, but their social geniuses apparently don't understand that they just keep redefining "poverty" and thus, it will always be with us, as the Bible says.

Re: Ms. Liebau's "Corrosive Contempt" article: Several more Democrats (Pat Cadell has long been openly critical) have openly stated that Obama is incompetent, or thinks himself omniscient, or believes his own press releases. Most politicians have a greater capacity for self delusion than the average citizen, it seems, but Obama (like the Clintons before him) keeps trying to walk on water only to ruin his shoes time after time. That's not "contempt." It's megalomania that warrants time in therapy back in Chi-town starting in January 2013.