Monday, August 23, 2010

Cruising the Web

Charlie Crist reveals yet again what a double-dealing weasel he is.

Tax Prof Blog
lists the top ten states by their income tax bite on the wealthy. Notice anything similar among them?

Frank Gaffney fisks
the Associated Press's fact check staff advisory on how to refer to the whole controversy on the Islamic center being proposed for near Ground Zero. Well done.

Nick Schultz at the American Enterprise blog notes how corporate tax rates have been falling worldwide except in the United States. It's one way that we truly are exceptional.

Here's a funny little story
about how TV screenwriters get back at people.

Here's a tidbit I never knew. Did you know that Scott Rasmussen of polling fame was one of the founders of ESPN?

The city of Philadelphia is now saying that bloggers who make any sort of money off of their blog need to purchase a $300 business privilege license. And that goes even if they didn't earn any money from their blog. Ah, only Democrats would think it's a good idea to make people pay more in taxes than they might be earning.

Mark Hemingway links to this NYT story about how a federal program to give grants to nonprofit programs just happened to give a bunch of their first sets of grants to groups with ties to those running the fund despite the low scores that those organizations' grants had originally received.

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Bachbone said...

TV screenwriters would probably be very disappointed to know how little of their dialogue is actually heard by viewers. TV, after all, is a primarily visual medium. I'd wager that not many of us, anymore, shut off the phone, lock the kids in their rooms, and sit entranced before the HDTV hanging on every spoken word. Five or six things are happening while we're running in and out of the TV room, and we sometimes have to ask, if we even care, "What did I miss?" So, it's more likely those writers are speaking to their own egoism and inside jokes, and the critics they think they're getting back at will simply have the last word eventually.

Re: charging bloggers: As if government is capable of tracking down a blogger who doesn't want to be found. Joe Kennedy made a fortune running illegal booze. Chris Dodd got a sweetheart loan deal. Tim Geithner and Charlie Rangel didn't pay their taxes. Nah...Philadelphia's wasting it's time.