Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cruising the Web

The President's fund-raising in Hollywood ticked of quite a few Los Angeles commuters who were stuck in a traffic jam for over three hours. But, hey, it's worth it if the President can raise some bucks for the election before he heads off on more vacation, isn't it?

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann illustrate the sort of difficult choices that the DCCC will have to make as they decide which races to pour money into.

Mark Hemingway details of a change in how school districts allow teachers to take care of students in order to preserve jobs for school nurses. He worries that this decision would one day keep teachers from administering an EpiPen to a student suffering an acute allergic reaction. Having just been trained a week ago in using an EpiPen for a student with a severe allergy, I can't imagine any union saying that it would be better for a school to wait for a nurse rather than having a teacher step in immediately. But who knows what teacher unions will demand.

The Republican Study Committee has a great video interspersing the remarks of prominent Democrats as they reveal their contempt for how constitutional government should work with Ronald Reagan warning about the danger from runaway government.
Ah, what a contrast.

The WSJ warns of the next big bailout that might be coming down the pike - bailing out union pensions plans.

Researchers might have found evidence of the real-life hunchback working on Notre Dame who might have been the inspiration for Victor Hugo.

William Jacobson wonders if the "professional left" will now call Harry Reid an extremist. Meanwhile, the Washington Post looks at the massive Harry Reid oppo research effort. He can't get by on his natural charm and popularity so all he has to depend on is mudslinging.

Denmark is starting to cut back
on its safety net. It turns out that government money is just not unlimited. One big change is to limit unemployment payments to two years instead of four. Just when the U.S. is headed in the other direction. And, of course, the Danish unions are upset.