Monday, August 16, 2010

Cruising the Web

Ed Morrissey has a lot of fun with a California proposal to patrol the borders that really matter to them.

Mike Antonucci notes that the most recent Obamastimulus is going to some states that weren't even planning to lay off teachers.

And Doctor Zero writes of how the Obama administration and Democrats have created a "New Abnormal" that is stultifying job growth. Businessmen are so uncertain as to what future regulations, taxes and job-killing policies the Democrats will pass next that they're holding off on bulding up their businesses and hiring new workers. The Republicans' cry should be to "End the Uncertainty."

The Democrats were in such a rush to pass their new stimulus and head out on their vacation that they neglected to even name the bill.

David Pryce-Jones wonders why Obama, in all his fine talk about respect for religious freedom, doesn't throw in a few words about reciprocity from Muslim countries in respect for the freedom of worship for other religions. Or is it only the supposed bigotry of Americans that provokes President Obama?

The Democrats are working
to put the federal government on the hook for bailing out the pension funds for a whole bunch of unions. Just what we need - another union bailout.

It turns out that the beach picture
of Obama and his daughter in the water in Florida wasn't even technically in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Justice Department has found some voting rights for which it is willing to go to the bat.

John Hinderaker wonders
why Harvard just divested itself of all its holdings in Israeli-owned companies. Hmmm. Do they object to Israeli companies, but not to Saudi or Chinese companies? Solomonia says, "Not so fast."