Friday, August 13, 2010

Cruising the Web

Senator Schumer is blaming the sour electorate for the unpopularity of Democratic actions. Hey, Chuck, did you ever consider that it might be your policies that people object to? Just sayin'

Kimberley Strassel notes that there are only three Democratic congressmen who voted against the four Obama signature bills: the $862 billion stimulus, Obama's budget, ObamaCare, and cap and trade. And those three Democrats are doing quite well in their polls for reelection despite being from conservative districts that would ordinarily be thought to be good pick up opportunities for the Republicans. Of course, they also did the most unpopular vote of all - voting for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. That might be the vote their opponents can use against them.

James Capretta notes something stinky about the recent trustees' report from the administration that supposedly shows that Medicare funds are going to last 12 years longer than originally forecast. It turns out that the chief actuary of the Medicare program, Richard Foster, issued an official statement that explains how the administration is still counting Medicare funds twice to improve Medicare and to fund ObamaCare. And they are still basing their forecast on draconian cuts in Mediare spending that we all know that the politicians will never let go through. Read the rest to see the duplicity in the administration's analysis of the program they claim to be protecting. Medicare's chief actuary is crying foul on them.

Hmmm, is the federal government trying to silence scientists who are reporting that the Gulf isn't as cleaned up as just reported?

The New York Times hosts a pity party for White House staffers who think that their job is so dang hard - much harder than it has been for any other administration. Did they have that same sympathy for Bush aides? And do these whining aides remember how hard they campaigned to be in the positions that they're in?

Ace has a great post about the media's hypocrisy
in choosing when to identify a politician's party. The rule seems to be - if it will hurt the Democrats, hide the party. If it will hurt the Republicans, trumpet the party. And all those navel-gazers in the MSM just ignore this phenomenon. For the latest example, guess how many times the media mentioned the party of the corrupt officials in Bell, California where the officials voted themselves huge salaries despite the poverty of the community? The answer: only once and that was in response to a letter complaining that the party wasn't mentioned. And I'm sure you don't need to guess what their party is.

Thomas Sowell take on all the bean-counters who are always looking for some racist explanation for racial differences. The newest outrage: there are more minority baseball coaches at first base than at third base. And third-base coaches are more likely to become managers so this is just the start of the racist efforts to keep minorities from becoming managers of baseball teams.

George WIll had a masterful column yesterday about how Binyamin Netanyahu is the anti-Obama. He concludes with this quote from Netanyahu that underlines the differences between those American politicians who sit back comfortably and ask Israel to once again try to negotiate with the Palestinians seeking to exterminate her citizens.
Netanyahu, whom no one ever called cuddly, once said to a U.S. diplomat 10 words that should warn U.S. policymakers who hope to make Netanyahu malleable: "You live in Chevy Chase. Don't play with our future."