Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cruising the Web

Teachers are trying to claim that they are not a special union. Sorry. Teacher unions, along with public employees, contributed more money to the 2010 elections than the employees, executives and PACs of every oil company combined. And it's going almost entirely to Democrats. They spend millions on lobbying. They are a special interest whether they like it or not.

Paul Mirengoff highlights
the unanimous vote by the union that represent agents at U.S. immigration and Customs Enforcement of "no confidence" in the agency's leadership. That's rather remarkable, isn't it?

You can tell how worried the liberals are by their concerted attacks on Paul Ryan.

Here are more problems for Joe Sestak.
Remember his story about how he was offered a job by the Obama administration if he'd drop out of his primary fight against Arlen Specter? And the administration report by the White House counsel on the topic said that Bill Clinton was the intermediary who made the offer. Well, now Bill Clinton has denied any involvement in the maneuver. Clinton wouldn't lie, would he? So is Joe the liar? The administration? Let the circular firing squad continue.

Michael Goodwin explains why replacing Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the 2012 ticket won't fix Obama's weaknesses.

Here's a way for students to raise some money.
They can place bets on what their grades will be. With summer jobs so hard for young people to find, perhaps betting on their college performance can serve as an alternative. If the organization doesn't go broke.
It was never realistic to think that a majority of the population could spend a third of their adult life living in retirement at a standard of living similar to what they had when they were working. That's crazy-thinking, but people seem to expect that and their unions have tried to deliver such a fantasy for them, but the bill can't be paid.
Megan McArdle says
it's the end to retirement as we know it.