Thursday, August 12, 2010

The battle of liberal priorities

The WSJ points to the choice that the Democrats had to make to fund their most recent stimulus boondoggle. What to do: send money to the states for middle-class public employees when they're partly paying for that stimulus by cutting food stamp funds in 2014? One congresswomanm Rose DeLauro referred to it like Sophie's Choice.

The problem is their own. They have so expanded entitlements and spent so much in their stimulus packages and ObamaCare that they can't fund everything they'd like to.
Democrats have so expanded entitlements like Medicaid that they are threatening to squeeze out other liberal programs—in this case, food stamps. More pointedly at the human level, the bill hands $10 billion to mainly unionized public employees, paid for by cutting benefits for the poor. Rosa's choice was to help the unions first. Readers can decide what that says about Ms. DeLauro's moral priorities.

Democrats say they'll restore the food stamp funding once they can find another $12 billion in tax hikes or (less likely) spending cuts to serve as offsets. They'd better hope they keep the House in November. Ms. DeLauro and her colleagues have clearly put at risk the additional funds they wanted to devote to feeding the poor, at a time when record numbers of Americans are now receiving such assistance.

The Obama Democrats have hugely expanded a middle-class entitlement machine—ObamaCare and student loans, added to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security—that is now on course to swallow most federal spending and an ever-growing share of national wealth. Liberals will face many more "Rosa's choices" of their own making in the years to come.
That's how reality works. We just can't pay for all the things that politicians would like to fund. Reality is a bummer, isn't it Democrats?