Thursday, July 22, 2010

Which Justice Department is the corrupted one?

Isn't it ironic that, in the midst of all sorts of accusations about how Eric Holder has been politicizing the Justice Department we finally, after four years, there will be no charges against anyone in the Bush administration for firing U.S. attorneys. Remember when this story was front page news for days and on all the MSM networks? And we were told that Alberto Gonzales was the second coming of John Mitchell? Now, as Quin Hillyer has been saying all along, we find out that Gonzales was guilty of stupidity but not corruption.

Now, let's see the same light shown on the Holder Justice Department and the allegations by whistleblower J. Christian Adams that the department is not acting in a race-neutral fashion.


tfhr said...

22 months of "investigation" cost the taxpayer millions of dollars. People like Charles Schumer, who drove this politically motivated partisan witch hunt, should have to reimburse the taxpayer and any out of pocket expenses suffered by the victim(s).

lady di said...

You can not legislate stupidity. How many government employees and tax payer dollars were spent on this mission finding?

Bachbone said...

If the GOP so-called 'leadership' had any guts, it would be all over radio and TV making just this case. But it hasn't. Sen. McConnell and Rep. Boehner are as useless as that old example we gave as kids: female parts on a male bovine farm animal. (Betsy's students can do a little research and look that up!)