Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Watch what Obama does and not what he says

President Obama made a speech last week on immigration. It was his first such speech since taking office. He shot down a lot of straw men arguments such as how his opponents want to expel all the illegal immigrants who are here. He mischaracterized the Arizona law as arresting people just for what they look like. Then he basically lifted proposals that George W. Bush had made on immigration, proposals that Obama had done nothing to support at the time, and pretended that they were his own ideas.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann ask a good question. If a comprehensive immigration law were so important to him, why didn't he push for it when he had 60 votes. He could have easily gotten it through because there a several Republicans who would have supported it. We m?

The answer of course is that he has no real interest in enacting such a bill. It's all political theater with him. He hopes to rally Hispanic voters once more to come out and vote on this one issue in the hope that they'll finally get that bill that they supposedly are so eager for. At least they could help out in a few key races, most notably Harry Reid in Nevada. But they should know that there will be even less likelihood that such a comprehensive bill would pass in the new Congress after the elections. Obama's rhetoric is just that - words. All that he is good for on this issue. If he really meant it, he would have done something already. You can always tell what a politician is truly interested in by looking at what he does, not being hornswaggled by fancy speeches full of straw men arguments.