Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kagan's second attempt to mold medical opinions

While she tried to worm her way around questions about the way that she inserted her own language into the report put out by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, news surfaced of another attempt by Elena Kagan of a second attempt to influence a statement by a medical association on partial birth abortion.
Now, according to a report Americans United for Life furnished to, Kagan’s lobbying for changes to medical associations’ positions while in the White House is further evidenced by an email found in her White House documents.

The email has Kagan clearly trying to change the position of another medical group, the American Medical Association.

Kagan discussed with other Clinton administration officials whether the AMA could reverse its policy saying there is not an identified situation in which partial-birth abortion is the only appropriate method of abortion. The AMA also noted ethical concerns with partial-birth abortions and said that it should not be used unless it is absolutely necessary.

“We agreed to do a bit of thinking about whether we (in truth, HHS) could contribute to that effort [convincing the AMA to reverse their policy]," Kagan wrote in the email. "Chuck and I are meeting with the AG on Tuesday; Donna offered to send over some doctors this week (though we don't know who or when) to give a medical briefing.”

Responding to Kagan's comments in the email, AUL said: "In other words, Kagan was so opposed to the passage of a ban on partial-birth abortion, she hoped that ACOG and the AMA would suppress or modify their views and aggressively worked to make that happen."
Once again we have a political appointee from Clinton's White House trying to tell a group of doctors what their medical opinion should be. While I'm sure that politicians and their aides often work like this with special interests, there is something particularly smarmy about their trying to influence a supposedly neutral medical judgment. They don't want politicians to tell doctors what to do when it comes to abortion, but they're willing to tell the doctors what their medical judgment should be overall. And Elena Kagan was the one doing the manipulating back in 1990s.

But, by all means, let's ignore those questions and ask her instead of she's on Team Edward or Team Jacob. Seriously, she was asked whom she supported in the Twilight romance. Gag! What adult would even think to ask such a thing in public? Minnesota's own Amy Klobuchar. Better she should have dozed off like her colleague, Al Franken.