Thursday, July 29, 2010

The dentures that won a World War

Who knew how important these were? The son of a dental technician who worked on Winston Churchill's dentures throughout the war is now selling one of the remaining sets of dentures at auction.

This is how important Churchill thought those dentures were - he tore up the enlistment papers when the dental technician was drafted.
"When my father's call up papers came, Churchill personally tore them up," he said.

The son of Churchill's denture maker, Nigel Cudlipp, describes his father's relationship with the leader

"Churchill said that he would be more important to the war effort if he stayed in London to repair his dentures."

And it seems they needed regular work.

"Churchill used to flick out his dentures when he was angry and throw them across the room," said Mr Cudlipp.

"My father used to say he could tell how the war was going by how far they flew."
Now that's a bit of history that I'd never heard before.