Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cruising the Web

Peggy Noonan thinks Chris Christie is The Answer. Hey, that would be great with me. I wonder if Noonnan agrees with Glenn Beck that she just wants some more of that Chris Christie porn. Perhaps the combination of Beck, Christie, and the word porn in the same sentence appalls you, but I understand the theory.

Benjamin Kerstein at the Daily Caller reviews all the reasons why Chistiane Amanpour is a terrible choice to host ABC's This Week. Too bad they didn't keep Jake Tapper who really does seem to be one of the few MSM reporters who plays it straight and whose political leanings were not determinable from watching him do his job. He was tough on Bush and he's been equally tough on Obama and the Democrats. I wonder if that is why ABC didn't want to keep him.

John Fund profiles Steve Goldsmith who was a refreshing breath of air in the 1990s as mayor of Indianapolis where he privatized all sorts of government functions. Now he is serving as deputy mayor for Mayor Bloomberg. (Isn't that the role Michael J. Fox had on a TV show?) Goldsmith is an innovative thinker, but it's depressing that he's running into so many legal roadblocks that New York City and Albany have placed on the books to stop any real reform of government.

Ron Radosh explains once again why having the execrable Oliver Stone put a documentary on Showtime on the "Secret History of America" is one of the all-time worst programming decisions a network has ever made.

What goes through the minds of political operatives who think that it's a swell idea to compile a list of an opponents Jewish donors and give that list to the press as if that's a killer argument against the guy? But that's what Democratic congressman Mike McMahon's aides did against his GOP challenger Mike Grimm. Voters have to wonder why McMahon runs the kind of operation where this sort of casual anti-Semitism didn't give anyone pause.

James Taranto explains why Shirley Sherrod wouldn't have a chance if she brought a suit against Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart has to be saying, "Bring it on."