Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cruising the Web

Just what you always wanted to know: 10 songs that are Secretly Written about Famous People. Find out whom Peter Gabriel's classic "Your Eyes" was written about - that was news to me.

Good news: foreign countries can give expensive gifts to Chelsea Clinton and that wouldn't break any ethics guidelines at the State Department.

The Washington Post has a new hook
on doing story research - hang out in coffee shops. Maybe they'll meet up with White House workers who go to coffee shops to meet lobbyists and keep their names off the White House visitors' list.

In discussing the economy, this is the line the Republicans need to drive home: "It's the Uncertainty, Stupid."

Tim Carney looks into just who might be paying Charlie Rangel's extensive legal bills. Guess what - lobbyists and PACs are ponying up.

And as an added twist in the whole Rangel scandal, it seems that he might have broken the rules of the Ethics Committee by meeting with the Democratic staff or even with a Democratic member of the committee without a Republican present. But cheer up. He's still going to have a special fundraising gala next month to celebrate his 80th birthday with Aretha Franklin and greetings from Bill Clinton and Tony Bennett. Maybe they'll help him get a downpayment on all those legal bills.

Ezra Klein wants the Senate Democrats to go all nuclear on the Senate rules to change the filibuster rules. That's a dangerous game. The Democrats are smart enough to know that they won't always be in the majority and then they'll relish the filibuster just as the Republicans do now.

And now The Hill has been counting up votes and they don't think that the Democrats have the votes anyway to lower the limit on the filibuster. They'll just have to compromise to gain some votes from the other side which is what the filibuster is all about in the first place.

Michael Barone is looking at the polls and predicting some ugly results for the Democrats this fall. I tend to be wary about good news polls for my side, but I also have enormous respect for Barone's ability to read polls and analyze trends.

Jim Geraghty has some fun noting all the times the President or his peeps talk about a "defining moment" in our nation's history. Apparently, we all get well-defined every few months or so in Obamaworld.

Two Democrats, Pat Caddell and Douglas Schoen, think that the President is being too cynically divisive and partisan. And they agree with his positions!

Nancy is ticked. She's angry at Reid and the Senate for not passing her desired climate change bill. She forced her moderate members, some from coal states, to take a tough vote to support the House version and now they're twisting in the wind since the Senate won't pass it. Hey, did she just fall off the turnip truck? This was a totally predictable result. Cap and trade was always going to be harder to pass than health care. But she went ahead anyway to demand the sacrificial vote from her members. And she'll pay the cost. As will they.

You can go here and figure out what your 2011 income taxes will be under three scenarios: if Congress lets all the Bush tax cuts expire, if they extend the cuts, or they let some taxes expire and enact the proposals in Obama's budget.