Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cruising the Web

John Kerry keeps throwing his wife under the bus. And when he is questioned by reporters, his response is “Can I get out of here please?” He could call Obama who would commiserate with him about reporters who interfered with Obama's ability to eat his waffle.

Lobbyists are objecting to the "Daschle exemption" whereby someone pretends not to be a lobbyist despite working to help clients influence policy just like Tom Daschle.

Jim Treacher sums up the liberals' approach to leaks: "Leaks that could embarrass lefty reporters: BAD. Leaks that could get American troops killed: GOOD."

The Daily Caller highlights those members of Journolist who demonstrated "admirable integrity or civility."

Peter Wehner reminds us
of how much of what we now disdain about the Obama administration was apparent in the campaign. Those of us who were paying attention are not surprised by this administration. It's nice that many in the middle who were deceived are waking up.

Kudos to Michelle Rhee who just used the power granted her by the new contract negotiated with the Washington Teachers Union to fire 241 low-performing teachers and put 737 other teachers and school staff on notice that they had been rated "minimally effective." If I were a teacher who can't find a job in a state like mine, North Carolina, which has slowed down hiring teachers, I'd send an application to Washington, D.C. It sounds like they're going to have some openings for dedicated teachers.

John Kerry and Charlie Rangel aren't the only Democrat caught in avoiding taxes. Jim Geraghty has the list that the RNC compiled.