Friday, July 23, 2010

Cruising the Web

Deroy Murdock revisits some of the lowlights of Obama's first 18 months as president. Some of these moments I'd forgotten about - it really belies the myth of the competence and smoothness of the Obamanians.

In a story reminiscent of his own fiction, the papers of Franz Kafka are tied up in legal and bureaucratic limbo. Apparently, there are boxes of his personal papers and unpublished manuscripts but the ownership of these papers are in doubt.

David Harsanyi responds
to Obama's accusation that the Republicans don't have faith in the American people by noting all the policies that Obama endorses that betray his own lack of faith in the American people.

Senator James Webb speaks up against government-directed diversity programs, though he still wants programs to help African Americans.

Kenneth Blackwell and Kenneth A. Klukowski explain
why the insurance mandate is not constitutional.
A tax is when the government takes money from individuals, puts it in the Treasury, and plans to spend it. With the health-insurance mandate, the government is not taking money from private individuals; rather, it is commanding them to give their money to another private entity, not to the Treasury. If individuals don't obey the mandate, they pay a penalty to the Treasury. But penalties aren't taxes. The mandate is legally separate from the penalty.
Of course, it will all come down to what Anthony Kennedy believes.

In the newest leak from Journolist, the Daily Caller puts up how the liberals on that site really can't stand Keith Olbermann and find him strangely misogynistic.